Intro to Our Advent Blog Series

manger scene

Greetings CHBC Family,

Today marks the start of the Advent season! A time full of joyful waiting and longing as we anticipate the celebration of the Messiah’s incarnation on Christmas Day. During this time, we often hear the phrase, “God with Us,” and this is a phrase we cannot fail to hear and speak too often during Advent. In his final moments on earth, the great evangelist John Wesley chose these as some of his final, dying words, “The best of all is, God is with us.” How true these words are! It is indeed the greatest of all things that the Lord of creation would choose to be with us, dwelling among us and within us.

Just ponder that simple, yet incredibly profound, truth for a moment: God is with us.

It truly is the most radical idea you could imagine, isn’t it?

So, during this Advent season, we would like to invite you into this time of anticipation through the Bible Church’s blog series, “God With Us.” Leading up to Christmas Day, we want to celebrate the witness of God’s presence to His people throughout Scripture. To do this, we will move through 24 books of the Bible and see how God’s presence is testified to in each book. We will explore the ever-unfolding story of a God who is so incredibly in love with His people that He will move heaven and earth to dwell amongst His people. We will see a God who is dissatisfied with being estranged from those whom He loves, but who instead will pay the highest cost to redeem, sanctify, purchase, and betroth us.

My friends, as we move closer to Christmas, it is our prayer that the finite words we share in these posts will stir your soul. We pray that we would all have a grander vision and a more intimate relationship with the Messiah whom we love and serve. After all, Advent is not only about God drawing nearer to us, but us drawing nearer to Him as well. So, as a church family, let us move in unison towards our Lord and Redeemer in this joyous season, joyfully celebrating the God who is with us.