Kenya Day 2: Medical Check-Ups on Pre-K Students

Today was a little busier for our team. We started the morning by sharing in devotion and singing time with the teachers and students at the Pre-K school. We enjoyed listening to the story of Abraham and engaging in some lively song and dance.

Afterward, part of our group left to continue sorting and packaging medications and supplies for our upcoming medical camps, while the remaining members began medical checkups on the Pre-K students. Each of the 150 children received a medical exam, vision screening, and dental varnish treatment. Several members also spent time working on the interviews and photographs of the CHBC-sponsored students in the Pre-K school and the primary school. (On Friday, we will go through this same process with the 350 students in the primary school.)

This evening we gathered as a team for devotion with Pastor Matt, who arrived late last night. He will be here for the remainder of the trip and will be leading us through a study of the book of James, followed by a time of sharing and prayer during our downtime each night.

Tonight, we praised God for the unity and productivity we are experiencing as a team, and for some specific stories of physical and spiritual growth and healing we’ve noted in the lives of students here as a result of the care and education they are receiving… perhaps more on that later.

It is late and we have an early start tomorrow. We’ll be participating in worship and devotion with the vocational school and medical staff before breaking off for more medical camp prep, and some social work visits to the homes of our sponsored children.

Please pray for those visits to be a blessing to the families and the sponsors involved. Pray also for wisdom, unity, and clarity for Laura and the Beacon leadership as they work out final details of our two upcoming camps. And, pray for continued unity, productivity, and safety for our team members.