Kenya Day 4: Medical Camp Begins

Today we saw 320 patients at our first camp here at the Beacon Campus. We offered free medical visits, lab services, HIV testing, pharmacy access and dental care to those in need in the Ongata Rongai community. We opened the clinic with a team prayer with our Kenyan partners, handing our expectations over to the Lord, and praying that He would be glorified in the work we were about to do. Whether taking a blood pressure, doling out medication, or entertaining waiting children with art and crafts, each member of our team played a vital role, and worked with such diligence.

We are grateful for a smooth camp process and excellent teamwork. Tomorrow we’ll be completing checkups on all of the children at the primary school and finishing the last of the sponsor updates. We are praying that we are able to get through the high number of checkups efficiently, while providing quality care to each child.