Kenya Day 8: Treated 200 Students

Having finished the checkups on the school children at Beacon, our team ventured out today with the social work team to visit some high-need public schools in surrounding communities. We saw and treated over 200 students at Ongata Rongai Primary, and 64 Pre-K students at Nkaimurunya Primary school. We saw a variety of conditions from heart murmurs to ear infections to parasites. We treated and referred as needed and provided each student a rapid impact dose of vitamins and deworming medications. This is standard practice at each of our camps, and as the name implies, these medications can provide quick improvement in a child’s health and nutrition intake. These meds, among others, are one of many things provided through the CHBC to Kenya benevolence offering. So, thank you to those who gave so generously.

This afternoon we had a debrief with our Beacon partners before beginning planning for tomorrow. In the morning we will send out teams to visit homes identified by the social work team. We will provide medical exams and pray with members of the community who are too sick to leave their homes to attend our camps.

Please pray for wisdom and strength for our medical providers as they minister to the heavy physical needs of these people. And lift up our prayer teams as they minister to the spiritual needs, offering compassion, encouragement, and intercession before the Lord.