Lessons Learned from a Dog

Our family recently acquired a new dog.  He’s bred to be a guard dog, and he is huge!  Except for the training instructions that come with such a dog, he could be very dangerous for us to have at our age.  The instructions? First and absolutely foremost, bring the dog into the house and spend time bonding with him so that he trusts you and wants to please you and cares about what you care about – our chickens, any goats or other animals we may add to our menagerie.  A good command to teach him is, “Mine. Leave it!”  And he will do just that because he is attached to us, loves what we love, and wants to please us.

Yesterday morning, I was reading a blog about how there is a place in God’s heart for each of us.  He desires for us to spend time with Him.  It grieves Him when we do not.  Because He has made us in His image and knit each of us uniquely together, there is a place that only we can fill.  Obviously, because we live in a fallen world separated from God, we are not going to naturally seek out our Creator God.  Only because of Jesus’ substitutionary death for each one of us created by God, can we desire to spend time with Him.  That is because the original relationship that God had in mind for each of us can be restored or redeemed by Jesus as He deals with our sin-nature and makes new the Creator/created relationship between God and man.

Now back to what I learned from the training we’ve been doing with our large dog.  Right now he is lying at my feet.  When I go to another room, he will get up and come with me.  He sleeps beside my bed at night.  We are making progress on the bonding.  How can we similarly bond ourselves to God?  I think of Mary who sat at Jesus’ feet when He came to visit.  She wanted to hear what He had to say, and she just wanted to spend time with Him.  Shouldn’t we desire to do the same?  Some things I’ve thought about to help accomplish my bonding to God. (Knowing the character of God, this is absolutely something He would desire.  It’s my being distracted that keeps me from bonding).  

  • Spend time in His word
  • Spend time outside in His world
  • Develop the habit of listening to His voice
  • Get to know what His character is
  • Learn what He treasures

When I have come to be still before God and have learned to rest in His presence, I will become aligned with His heart and His desires and want to be obedient to Him because I have come to love and appreciate Him.

May we embark upon this new year learning and appreciating the heart of our God who created each of us and loves us dearly.