Let the little children come …

One of the biggest needs that our renovations will meet is to create more security around our children’s ministry, particularly on Sunday mornings. By moving adult and youth uses of the education wing to the new building, we will create a space which will have only children’s Sunday School and nursery use. The way in will be through a newly created children’s ministry “lobby” space (where the current office and reception space will be) which will have check-in kiosks mounted on the walls and child-and-family friendly decor. One doorway in will serve as a checkpoint to be sure that children are wearing nametags and parents have pick-up tickets to collect their children after the service.

This check-in system was previewed very successfully at Kidsfest at the end of June. Every morning that week over 200 children and dozens of adult and youth volunteers checked in at six check-in stations. The lines were short and it was all very smooth. This same system will be used starting this fall for all children’s ministry check-in, and will be the system that we install in the new children’s lobby area when we renovate.