Lines on paper

The building committee has met twice with our architect and it has been both exciting and sobering.

It has been exciting because we have seen some sketches of where the different elements of our program might end up, and how they might relate to each other. It is fun to see someone else’s ideas and interpretation of the needs and desires, and we have gained insight from the thoughts that the architect team has shared.

It has also been sobering, because our program may be more than we can afford. We may not be able to have as many classrooms, as large a youth center, as much office space, and as large a connector as we originally listed in our program.

However, it is not a surprise, either, that we will now have to do another round of prioritizing and creative multi-use planning. We have scheduled an extra meeting, on November 30, to address this matter. It is pretty amazing that we all can be present at that meeting. It is important that we all be there since these decisions will shape the next several months of work on this task.

As always, we appreciate and need your prayers!