Loving Our Neighbors with Thanksgiving Meals

This past weekend we were blessed to serve meals to our community in a collaboration with CHBC and CHBC en español. Dozens of you (both from CHBC and “en español”) volunteered to make this happen by making, delivering, packaging, and distributing a LOT of home-cooked food for those who needed it this season. In the end, we served approximately 150 people via drive-thru at the church building Sunday afternoon.

One of the threads in the tapestry of scripture — from the prophets to the teachings of Jesus and Revelation — is that of loving those in need, be they poor, widow, orphan, or alien. So when we serve our neighbors as you did last weekend, we are not merelymaking meals, but joining in that great story of scripture and giving our neighbors a small peek into the richness of God’s love. And that’s what it’s all about, right?!