Made by Hand

In this age, there are not many things that are truly made by hand any more. And some things might have hand-work in them, but they are basically mass-produced. Everything from our cars to our clothing to our junk food is largely, if not completely, made by machines.

This is not true for buildings, even large-ish commercial, steel-and-concrete buildings like ours. Buildings, whether your home or our expansion project, are mostly built by hand, even in 2017.

On our site, this past week alone you would have been able to see a person manually measuring, tying rebar, smoothing out freshly-poured concrete, building a wooden frame, or marking a straight line from one stake to another using colored string. There are plenty of machines on site, but each one is operated by a person. Even the remote-control miniature roller is operated using a radio and a joystick by an individual worker.

Please take a moment to pray for the safety of all of the individual workers who are on our site daily working with their hands. And pray that the Lord will build his kingdom in this place through their efforts. Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. – Psalm 127:1.