Making the Grade (ECFA Certification)

Have you ever gotten a really great grade on a class, a hard class, one that has a reputation for being tough? You feel pretty good about that, don’t you? You feel as if your efforts to study effectively and really learn the material have paid off and are recognized by your professor.

Well, CHBC has just gotten the equivalent of an A+ in our financial integrity score – we have earned ECFA certification.

ECFA certification

ECFA stands for Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. You probably have seen their seal on webpages and communication from some of the other organizations you partner with financially, such as CRU and IVCF. We are proud to stand alongside those and many other Christian churches and organizations across America, as we have demonstrated our commitment to excellence in financial management, board governance, and stewarding your financial gifts. 

In areas of financial oversight of our use of money, compliance with US laws, financial transparency, compensation-setting, communication, accounting principles and practices, governance by our Boards of Elders and Deacons, and several other specific areas, we live up to the high standards of the ECFA.

This may seem like a whole lot of mumbo-jumbo, but it represents actions of our people: our Business Office creates and implements sound accounting practices and controls, our staff adheres to them, our deacons and elders uphold them in all matters of leadership of our church. Every member of our staff and leadership teams has a role in our financial integrity, and we are grateful for all the effort that has gone toward achieving this certification. We could not be more pleased!

If you would like more info about ECFA, the Seven Standards, or any matter regarding CHBC’s finances, please feel free to contact me or check out the ECFA website: ecfa.church/standards.