Movin’ On Up!

We achieved another milestone today – the steel structure has begun to be erected. The steel for the lower building was delivered earlier this week and sorted out on the site, and this morning as the day dawned the big yellow crane started its powerful but graceful-looking task of moving the steel columns and beams into place. The live webcam shows this clearly – even as this blog post is being written there are six visible vertical elements and now the first horizontal element is being bolted into place. What an exciting way to end the year!

Though the work will continue over the next ten days (and you can watch it on the web cam), this will be the last post in this blog until 2018. By the time you next hear from us, we expect that the shape and size of the lower floor of the lower building should be very evident with the steel structure, joists, decking and so forth being assembled. Early in the new year, more work will be done on the upper section of the site, including the chapel.

As you celebrate Christmas and look forward to the New Year, please join the building committee in thankfulness for the progress that we have seen in 2017. It is exciting to see the long-awaited and long-planned for building beginning to be more than just lines on paper, but actual concrete and mortar and steel. Please thank God with us for the many people who have worked on this project since we started: Charles, Rhonda, David, Steve, Peter, Kevin, Al, Zak, Susan, Steve, Eric, Vicki, Joe, Ryan … and many dozens more. We are so thankful for their hard work, their diligence, their wisdom, their experience and their skills. We are thankful for safety on the site and for good weather, for powerful equipment and for careful hand work. God’s blessings are very tangible in this process, and we are immensely grateful to be part of this great project.

Happy New Year from the building committee: Dwight, Emily, TJ, Sonya, Jean, Eric, Mike, and Julie!