Not unexpectedly …

… we will wait one more week for the subcontractor bids. As you may recall, we had anticipated that those bids would be available to the building committee by June 29. Instead, we have pushed that meeting back until July 6. Will this date stick? We think so! Please keep praying that the subcontractor bids will come in at the level we expect them to.

In other news, and especially for those of you who are interested in the nitty-gritty details, yesterday afternoon TJ Land and Emily Williams put their heads together over the planned electrical outlets in the addition and the renovation area. We scrutinized where they are and how many there are, and which ones are quads and which are doubles … and also where the light switches are. To add a switch or electrical outlet now is about one tenth the cost of adding it after we are under construction, so it was well worth the time and attention. TJ has also given a careful scrutiny to all of the construction drawings. His career as an architect gives him a particular ability and knowledge base from which to notice things and ask questions to make this project even better.