Oh Florence!

Of course, this week has seen a lot of energy spent on planning for a possible catastrophic visit from Florence. Thankfully, it seems that the forecast from earlier in the week will not materialize for this area. Nevertheless, our contractors are boarding up the openings that remain in the building and “buttoning up the site” – securing materials and other items that could blow around if the wind gets bad. By this afternoon, the site will be closed until Monday, most likely.

Amidst this preparation, the work has gone forward at the first part of this week with grading of part of the back road that will need to be replaced, finishing the first section of the fire lane behind the current sanctuary, framing and hanging sheet rock at the back of the platform in the chapel where the rock wall will be installed, and many other details in electrical, mechanical, tile, and painting.

We are also awaiting an updated schedule, one that will take into account the time that the hurricane will possibly have an impact on our project, even if conditions are not bad here. Especially in the case of power restoration to areas that will be hard hit, those situations tend to take a high priority for Duke Energy, as they should.