On Mission to Be a Family

Those days after  high school are filled with anticipation of all the nexts that are to come: college, new town, new friends, growing as an adult away from family, activities, and activities.  And now it’s almost November!  How are you feeling about life now?  Is it all that you anticipated it would be?  Some students have found that life at school can become a little overwhelming, surrounded by a group of people who are your same age, experiencing the same activities, perhaps sharing a similar worldview.

The folks at CHBC have a desire to help fill out your college experience.  Because CHBC is inter-generational in nature, our church family enjoys worshiping, fellowshipping, praying, and playing together.  For several years now we have had a Shepherding Family program to allow for college students to spend time away from school for a few hours and to become a part of family life in one of the CHBC families.  The time and activities may vary according to the desires of you and your “family”. The “family” can be any kind of family unit in our church.  It could be any family unit who just enjoys having people to come into their home for conversation, coffee, tea, or a meal. 

What kinds of activities are available in Shepherding Families?  It may be just coming and spending time doing whatever a particular family normally does.  It could be playing games or talking around a meal table.  It could be a regular discipleship time or a place away from school to study. 

Where do we stand with our Shepherding program? 

Last Sunday we had a luncheon where students and families met for the first time.  They ate together and began to plan what their activities might look like for this year.  Actually there are families available for students who have not yet shown an interest in the program.  So far we have about 50 students who have said that they would like to participate and who have already been assigned to a family.  It’s not too late!  You can have a “family” too.  If you’re interested you can email Lydia Silver at lydia@biblechurch.org and she can begin to work on a family for you.  If you are a little uncomfortable entering into a family alone, you can always gather some friends to do a family with you.  My husband and I have 3 students participating in the program with us. 

By the way, if you would like to become a Shepherding family, you can let Lydia know and she can help introduce you to a college student who would like to broaden their college experience beyond the borders of the campus. 

Does this sound like something you might be interest in?