On Mission to Glorify God in Community

Our life groups are the opportunity for our church to gather into small communities of the larger church.  It is here that we get to:

  • Have meals together
  • Share our prayer requests with one another
  • Study together
  • Do life together

We have many strong life groups where we each benefit from the close relationships we enjoy.  This week we get to hear from Jenny Witman about how an individual from their life group is a particular blessing to her.

Hospitality is a special blessing in my life, and the Lord has granted us the privilege of a home near the church to share in this way. Today we hosted a Christmas celebration for our friends who attend the Bridge ESL (English as a Second Language) Bible Study on Thursday mornings at the church. Most of our friends are here in the United States for a short time and are not Christians. Women from China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Turkey gathered in my home. I never stopped to count how many, but based on the plates used somewhere upward of 25. Other children joined my two preschoolers sneaking sugary treats and playing all over the house. 

There are many special memories of today, but one of the most precious is that I did not host this alone. Janet brought the cookies to decorate and prepared the Christmas story. Dongmei prepared her testimony (the first time she shared it in English no less!). Chichi chose which hymns we sang and prepared introductions. We extended an invitation to Christmas Eve, sharing the lyrics to the hymns that will be sung next week. Eric prepared descriptions that explained all the ‘Christian-ese’ that we use (Emmanuel, Noel, Dayspring…not normal conversational words). But my personal hero at this moment is Carol (Gaunt). Carol arrived early and didn’t leave the kitchen for close to three hours. She made sure that there were plenty of plates and cups, dug in the drawers for serving pieces and knives, helped friends find room for their food on the counter… and did dishes, and more dishes and more dishes.

Sitting at my clean kitchen counter with the energy to write this note is special, but beyond the beautiful gift to me, was the questions it raised. Who was this woman so at home in my kitchen, working away while I chatted with friends? My mother-in-law one woman speculated? My sister another asked? These questions were met with laughter and the opportunity to share that Carol and me are in a Life Group together. We met at church, but are really family now. Carol watches my kids when I have doctors appointments, brings us meals when I am sick, and prays for my family. This is part of what it means to be in Christian community, that we show love for each other. Doing dishes is indeed a powerful witness! 

Jenny Witman

By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. 

John 13:35

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