On Mission to Grow Together

This week we’ll be hearing from Erin Bethany, Women’s Director at Chapel Hill Bible Church, as she encourages us to take advantage of opportunities to participate in hospitality of one sort or another, and particularly on this Saturday, June 8.

Happy summer, friends! Or likely many of you find yourselves on the cusp of summer, wrapping up school years or fiscal years, preparing for vacations and busy interstate traffic. 

Over this past year, you may have noticed a subtle emphasis on the power of hospitality, opening our homes, lives, and hearts to others that we might serve and love as Christ where we are and with whatever we have. I know many of you probably attended our ice cream social in local homes back in August. Maybe you came out to the community dinner in October when Rosaria Butterfield shared powerfully about how the Gospel has shaped her testimony, her family’s’ life, and her neighborhood through simply being willing to open their home to their neighbors or you’ve read her book on the same topic.

What does it look like for us to put this into practice over these summer months? I’ve only lived in the Triangle for a couple years now, but already see there are rhythms of coming and going all throughout these few months. We say many goodbyes as people move on to their next chapters, but we also get to receive newcomers and help people settle into the Triangle as home. Neighborhoods that are silent on weekdays spring to life, as people are more present and move a little slower. Does the summer season mean missional living as the church stops in the midst of travel and transitions? No way! In fact, I’d submit it’s just heating up… 😉

As we’ve studied the life of Jesus this past year, a thought that struck me was how much more of Jesus’ ministry was done from house to house rather than teaching on a mountainside. Though those are some of our longer passages, He ate dinners with people, He stayed in the homes of others, He celebrated weddings and mourned losses in the community. He went into Peter’s home and healed his mother-in-law. I could keep going, but you get the point – where God has put you in your normal rhythms of life is a powerful tool for the sake of the Gospel going out to our community. Praise the Lord we have a church that is scattered across the area as the hands and feet of Christ six out of seven days a week!

Hospitality and You

This summer, as a church, we are excited to focus on living into this hospitality. Paul writes to the Romans, “Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” (Romans 15:7) So I’m encouraging you to ask the question: What does it look like for you to joyfully welcome others this summer, both inside and outside our church? We are called to love one another among the body, and we are called to bring others into our lives who need to hear and see the transformational hope of Jesus’ good news. Whether you have a sprawling home on the outskirts or a cozy one bedroom in the city, think about ways you can interact with those around you this summer:

We are called not simply to occasional acts of hospitality, but to live in a posture of hospitality, serving in the same manner as the Son of Man who came not to be served, but to serve. What we have been given, we give back for His sake who has given us all things through His own life, death, and resurrection. I pray we’ll have eyes that are open to see what God is doing around us this summer, and the boldness to say, “Ok, Lord, I’m on board.”

Women – Let’s do this by starting this Saturday morning, June 8th from 9:30-11:30 am at a home near you! One of the realities of having a large church is that we’re scattered all over. Quick hallway conversations on a Sunday morning are often the most time we have with one another in the midst of moving from activity to activity. What better way to form deeper relationships than to connect with one another in a home over a cup of coffee (or tea or whatever your drink of choice might be 😉 )? So here’s your chance to connect with other women who actually live near you. Check out the event page on http://biblechurch.life/connecting-around-town for more info and to RSVP!