On Mission to Help Others Feel at Home

Last Sunday was great!  There was a real excitement in the air!  The College Collective had more students than the leadership had anticipated.  Sunday school classes, children, youth, and adults, were off to a good start.  People were truly welcomed well. 

So who came last Sunday?

  • Fellow believers who have moved into our community
  • College students who were coming for the first time or returning to CHBC
  • Seekers who came to check out what happens here
  • People who are struggling with life

We welcomed well last week.  How do we help our guests from last week settle in to making CHBC their home?  We are one of God’s fellowshipping communities here in Chapel Hill.  We are learning to grow in our love for one another, to walk alongside one another in difficult times, to encourage one another, to forgive one another when necessary, to genuinely be a community of brothers and sisters who love one another well.  God is working in us and prayed for us that we would love even as the Trinity love one another.  That, above all, is Jesus’ commandment in John 13:34:  I am giving you a new commandment, that you love one another.  Just as I have loved you, so you too are to love one another.

When our guests return, we want them to experience the same community that we are learning to experience.  How can we make this community real to them?

  • Get to know them – invite them to lunch after church, make a coffee date during the week, invite them to your home for a meal.  Be ready to listen.  What are their struggles?  What kind of church community did they have before they moved to Chapel Hill?
  • Introduce them to others.  It’s a great thing to learn to network and make connections between people that you just know would really hit it off because they have similar interests, have lived in the same place at some point in their lives, or have children of similar ages.  
  • Invite college students to join you or your family for a meal or an outing.  Most students long for intergenerational relationships. 
  • Invite them to join you in an Adult Class, week-day Bible studies, the men’s breakfast – whatever thing you do at church, invite them to come along with you.
  • Invite them to your life group or help them to plug into one near where they live or one where they would connect well.  Introduce them to a person in the life group so that they don’t have to enter as a stranger.
  • Re-introduce yourself to someone you met in previous weeks, and keep doing it.  Build a relationship.

We want to be a welcoming community – welcoming to one another and welcoming to any one who visits us.  Let us truly be a group of people who is doing just what Jesus would have us to do.   LOVE ONE ANOTHER.