On Mission to Live in the Love of the Body

As I talked with Judy Streich about her life in and out from Chapel Hill Bible Church, I was impressed with the far-reaching effects that hospitality has had in her ministry.

David & Judy Streich

Judy grew up as a military kid, moving frequently from one military base to another. She had come to faith as a child, but only after college during a Billy Graham Crusade did she begin to grow in her relationship with God. At this time, Judy began attending CHBC. What a time for Judy to be shaped in her understanding of God and of how His people live in community! Jim Abrahamson was leading a study of “Body Life” by Ray Stedman. Judy was involved in a small group with other young, but serious believers. Colonel Wynne and his wife, Leona, Fred and Cherry Parker, and others had a great influence in her formation those early years. Also, in late 1973, Judy attended Urbana to hear God calling her to missions.

Shortly afterward, some of Judy’s roommates met a young man, David Streich, while he was a patient at the hospital here. He began attending Judy’s small group and joined CHBC. He moved into an apartment downstairs from Judy and her roommates to live with Malcolm MacGregor, who was also at CHBC. Their parallel tracks at the Bible Church during this time period, as with many of the young adults at the church, led to thoughts of committing to continue life together in marriage. Judy, confident of her own call to the mission field, waited until David, too, expressed his calling to the mission field in order for their relationship to continue in marriage. David and Judy were married in 1978.

They continued their involvement at the Bible Church after marriage. Colonel Wynne worked with and encouraged them in 1980 to begin a Monday evening missions “soup & prayer supper” at the church — the meal would attract more folks to come learn about CHBC missionaries and their work and to pray for them. Soon after the Streichs’ marriage, Pat and John Jacoway moved to the Chapel Hill area and came to CHBC. Judy and Pat became fast friends, even though they were separated by twenty years in age. Pat became a steadfast prayer partner and encourager for Judy.

In 1984, David and Judy were commissioned by CHBC and departed to begin ministry in Indonesia. God had prepared them in so many ways for their work there. Hospitality was a huge part of their work.

  • Their home created community for believers who were on the field in Indonesia.
  • They provided a place for visitors from their sending organization as training and other gatherings occurred.
  • They met with the Indonesian believers for training or meals together for fellowship as an outgrowth of the Christian community there.
  • There was great outreach to their neighbors in and from their home to children’s groups, conversations with women, an English club for aspiring English teachers among the people group they were focusing on, all for the purpose of building relationships and evangelizing their neighbors.
The Streich Family

David and Judy retired from their work in Indonesia to return to the U.S. in August, 2017. They lived with the Wismers as part of their resettling in the culture here. For the last 18 months they’ve resided in a parsonage in Hillsborough, owned by First Baptist Church there, and have taught Bible classes and are available for missions education. The church there graciously allowed them to use the facilities to host other missionary families for several days/weeks at a time. They have continued at the Bible Church in facilitating the Monday night missions prayer group, taking up the reins (temporarily) from Hank and Jean Lesesne. They send missionary communication letters to anyone desiring to know what is going on with our numerous missionaries on the field. They have assisted with building international language groups at CHBC. They’ve been adopted by one life group which grew and launched another life group. They’re pursuing a ministry/prayer partnership with Joy Mikhail among the refugees/immigrants at Duke Manor, many of which are Muslim.

Since their return to this area, the main void in their lives has been the ongoing relationships – connecting with their neighbors so that they can share the gospel. That mission has carried them over the years in Indonesia. That mission has not gone away. Finally, it seems that David and Judy have found a permanent home in a neighborhood with about sixteen units. They are mobilized to begin hospitality to their neighbors. Please pray for them as they explore methods that can extend successfully into their neighborhood. Pray also for at least one believing family in that community to partner with them.

What a gift to God and to David and Judy that they were taught and given a vision for ministry in their early years in the Bible Church! How blessed they were through the years to be prayed for, to be encouraged, to be welcomed back on their home assignments upon their returns, and to be able to extend that blessing to others within their home church and beyond!

Who are you equipping and enfolding with love in the body of Christ?