On Mission to Pay Attention

You know, we’ve been around COVID-19 for quite a while, and unfortunately, it is still here and impacting the way we live our lives. This virus is affecting us, our children, our neighbors….all of us…in the way we view ourselves, our futures, our way of life. A cloud of uncertainty hangs over us, finances are uncertain, life feels difficult, even as we live out our days.

Let me remind us all of several things we need to pay attention to:

God is in control. He absolutely knows what is going on and wants us to come to Him with whatever is troubling us. We can rest in that fact.

God made a beautiful world. Look at the sky, the stars, the trees, the flowers, the changing leaves. Take a deep breath and reflect on the beauty of His creation.

Our families, especially our children, are struggling under the cloud of this virus. They’re not able to be in school with friends, and may be sitting in front of computers screens for long periods. What can be done for or with them to break into their day? With this cooler weather, can walks or time on the playground give relief? How about good books being read aloud, making music or enjoying good, rich, beautiful music together with them?

Our college students are in a difficult place. Whether at home or at school, work is hard and isolation is real. Be sure to be tuned in to this segment of our population who thrives on group activities for socializing. How can you help your own child who may be struggling at this time? How can we use this opportunity to form stronger relationships with the college students who attend our church?

How about our neighbors? Are there families who live near you who are facing difficulties because of the virus? Are there people in the houses near you who live alone and need community or help with basic needs like grocery shopping, a smile or wave, some cookies, or a bouquet of flowers?

What about elderly family members or friends? Do they need a visit, virtually or possibly outside in person? Could they use a hand-drawn picture or a note to encourage them?

Most of all, bring yourself and others before God’s throne. We all need to depend on His care to get us through these days.

Who are you reaching out to in these COVID days? Who is reaching out to you? Be sure to let someone know if you are struggling.