On Mission to Seize God’s Opportunities

foreign exchange student

We are blessed to live in proximity to two large, well-known internationally, academic institutions that attract scholars and leaders from many nations to our community.  God has given CHBC the somewhat unique opportunity to be positioned so that our evangelistic field comes to our door.  What shall we do with this opportunity? We already are seizing on the presence and openness of internationals in many ways.

  • We have a large Thanksgiving dinner for the international community.
  • We have programs that facilitate bringing international students and their families into our homes and lives.
  • We provide class space at the church to allow for increased language proficiency and Biblical understanding for seekers.

Another hospitality opportunity has come to my attention through Lisa Vook who is working with her Chinese neighbor on an exchange project with Chinese college students to Duke University.  Here are the details:

Twenty-three Chinese students have arrived on Jan. 21 for one month to take classes on entrepreneurship and leadership. They will have opportunities to learn more about American culture by visiting some places of interest and spending a weekend with American families.

Here’s where we enter into this opportunity:

There is a need for families to host these 23 students, preferably one family per student.  The week-end event is scheduled for 7 pm on February 1 through 2 pm on February 3. 

What does this look like for us? Each family would:

  • First of all, pray -that your family would represent Christ well to your guest in every moment of the weekend.
  • Pick up a student from the designated location.
  • Introduce yourselves to the student.
  • On your ride home, you can engage in conversation to tell your student about yourselves and your lives and to hear from your student about their home, their family, and their lives.
  • Welcome the student into your home and orient them to the features of an American home (light switches, toilet, water, and tub or shower features in your home).
  • Provide the student with food, conversation, activities normally practiced in your home, helping them to feel welcome and included.
  • Visit places you enjoy visiting.
  • Return your student to the designated departure location with warm farewells and promises of cemented relationships.

I hope that you will avail yourself of this mission opportunity.  This would not be a time to engage in deep theological discussions unless the student begins to ask questions.  This WOULD be a great time to foment a relationship with a college student where the seed for such discussions could be planted.

Please indicate your interest here and Lisa will be in touch with you with more details.