On Mission With Christ In Me

“But they quickly forgot His works; They did not [patiently] wait for His counsel and purpose [to be revealed regarding them,” – Psalm 106:13

We have just now walked through the most miraculous of celebrations – that God has come to dwell among us, as a baby, to live an ordinary life, to experience all that we experience in our daily lives, surrounded by sin yet not sinning, only to abruptly have that life ended, to take on our sin at the cross, to taste death for us, and then to enter life forever again so that we, too, can enter life forever with Him in the presence of our Father.

May we not quickly forget His works. May we patiently wait for His counsel and purpose to be revealed regarding us, His children, His brothers and sisters, His co-laborers.  May  we constantly encourage one another with reminders of who and Whose we are.

I’ve run across a couple of interesting people during this season.  Luci Shaw is a poet and has written a collection of Poems of the Incarnation.  One poem from this collection, I Gave This Day to God, contains a most interesting phrase,” the way God spilled his seed into Mary, into us.” You can read the entire poem at booksandculture.com.  The thing that impressed me about this phrase is that Jesus has come, into Mary, and He has come into each of us as well, when we come to faith in Him and His Holy Spirit comes to live in each of us.

The second person I met over the last couple of weeks is a Cambridge professor, Malcolm Guite.  There is a wonderful devotion by him on YouTube on Colossians 1:15-21 entitled All Things in ChristHere are some thoughts for us as we go forth to share Christ:

  • Christ always has been and He holds all things together.
  • Christ is already there when we enter the public square.
  • We have the freedom, duty and joy to alert others to His presence in the public square.
  • There is a rescuer and reconciler of all things.  We do not bring Him, we do not cause Him to be there.
  • We are to look with great humility, with deep discretion, and with discernment to see where God has already been at work in the life of each individual we encounter.
  • Our task is to awaken the attention of a distracted mind, to open the ears of one who may have already heard something, and help that someone to hear His Voice.

Christ is in us.  We must recognize and remember His work.  We must behold Him.  Then we can go and point to His work so that those we meet will say, “Who are You?”, and God can reply, “I am One Who has waited long to hear you speak.”