Parking and flow

So, we have some questions for you: Where do you park? What door do you use to enter the building? Where do you go first? How long do you spend there? Where next? And next? What door do you exit through? What time, relative to the end of the worship service, do you leave the parking lot?

These are rhetorical questions for the purposes of this blog, but these are the kinds of things that we are considering as we think about the new building, its functions, and its location. Right now people enter our site and our building following certain patterns, but when we have a new building and move some of the functions that are currently in this building to the new one, how will that change the patterns? Will some hallways that are now congested be less so? Will some parts of the building that now feel spacious feel crowded?

Some of the things we are thinking about in this regard are how the new building will be connected to the current building and exactly where that connection will be. Also, with part of the renovation plan including changing most or all of the education wing of the current building to children’s ministry space, perhaps we should close off the current entrance to the office area and build a new entrance about where Josh’s office is.

In some conversations we have been asked about parking. If we add a new building, will we have to, or want to, add more parking spaces? Where will they be?

In many ways the questions about parking spaces are easier to answer than the questions about how people will flow through the building. The Town of Chapel Hill authorized us to build a certain number of parking spaces (803 to be exact) when we obtained our special use permit to develop this site. This permit also stipulates where the parking spaces must be. We currently have about 550 paved spaces, give or take. So, theoretically we could build an additional 250 or so parking spaces, around the back of the property, starting near the basketball court and going out along where the back driveway is toward Erwin Road. Will we move ahead with building some of these parking spaces as part of this building project? It is a bit early to say, but at this point parking is outside the scope of the project. But – time will tell!