Pathways to Change

Take a good look at the coffee area and the offices the way they are now when you come to church this coming Sunday, because it is likely that you will not see them look the same ever again! Starting Monday the renovation of this space will begin. It is likely to begin quietly, with changes that you might not really notice, but before you know it the saws and hammers will be at work.

During the renovation, getting from the kids’ ministry area, the adult Sunday School classes and the youth classrooms to the lobby and sanctuary will involve going outdoors. The middle portion of the building, consisting of the coffee area and spaces near it will be enclosed in plastic sheeting and will be off limits. We will have maps and signs to help you find the quickest path between what will feel like separate buildings! (You might want to allow a little extra time to check in your kids during the renovation period, to account for the extra distance that will need to be traveled.)

You might wonder whether all of our usual Sunday activities will take place? Yes, they will – with the important exception of the coffee ministry. No coffee or other beverages will be served over the summer, so if you are used to sipping the java during your class or the service, please remember to bring your own. Everything else should be pretty much the way you expect it to be. You just have to take a different path to get from place to place.

Meanwhile, the new building is coming right along. The framing of the exterior walls on the chapel has begun this week, and the piping for the HVAC system is pretty far along in the above-ceiling area of the connector. And, if you have not yet done so, check out the web cam as dusk falls to see the building lit up – it’s especially pretty when it is almost, but not completely, dark outside.