Pre-Construction Meeting COMPLETE

Yesterday morning, our architect team held the official pre-construction meeting for our project. This was attended by our site engineer, project manager and construction supervisor from CT Wilson, and about a dozen subcontractors. We went over the rules of the site, the schedule, the plan for biweekly or weekly progress meetings, and other technical details (like how they will all be paid – that’s pretty important!).

From that meeting we can now report a few details that you might be interested in:

  • Barring bad weather, the “building pad” will be ready by the beginning of September.
  • Steel structure is currently on the schedule for November. That will be exciting – we will begin to have an idea of how the buildings will actually look!
  • The northern entrance to our property from Erwin Road is now closed to CHBC use; it will serve as the construction entrance.
  • There is quite a bit of the early work that will take place outside of the view of our webcam. For example, the stormwater pond at the east side of our property will be redesigned to meet current standards; the walkway behind the auditorium is being widened and converted to a fire lane. So, if you are watching the webcam regularly, you might see time go by with seemingly nothing going on. Fear not, it is not really likely that nothing is happening – but it might be happening somewhere else on the site.

Finally, we do want to remind you that people should not enter the construction site. It may be especially tempting on Sunday mornings when you come to church to go out there and look at things close up – please don’t go beyond the silt fencing or the construction fencing. Pretty soon it will get pretty messy out there, and we want to limit mess in our current building as well as protect you from harm. We appreciate it!