“X” Doesn’t Always Mark the Spot

As of today, the work that is being done to connect the new main site to the stormwater pond is almost done. The crew will be here tomorrow and will probably be finished with that part of the project – and may begin on the main site! So if you watch the live stream, or on Sunday, you might be able to see activity closer to the current building.

And we were told that by next Tuesday the main site should definitely be getting the focus of attention! Stay tuned!

One of the challenges of this kind of project is that the site drawings from the original construction (in 1999-2001) (and even the utility locators within the past few weeks) do not necessarily reflect the actual locations of things under the ground. The main electrical cables, for example, were shown on our drawings and marked by the location services as being in a different place from where they actually turned out to be. Fortunately, no damage was done when they were discovered – but some other items (such as our irrigation system) will have to be repaired before the trench is finally closed up and paved over. It’s just the way things go.