Progress Underfoot

We are at a milestone today: the beginning of digging for the footings. There are stakes in the ground showing the placement for the footings, and the trenches are beginning to be dug. Steel rebar is being tied into mats. We don’t have to say that there is rock under there – nowadays every day exposes new rock. Nevertheless, we are making progress! Maybe tomorrow we will see the first of many, many visits to the site by cement trucks! (You will definitely be able to see that on the live stream.) Within a week or two we should begin to see the outlines of the buildings more clearly.

We also have had a lot of work done on the stormwater pond. The basic contours are in place, and the retaining wall around the pump house is complete. The pond is still functioning (good thing, since we have had some rain), so sometimes they need to pump it out in order to work in it.