Putting On a Facade

The bricklayers have begun their work this week. The lowest three courses of bricks are in place along the east side of the lower building. As this gets going you will definitely get more and more of an idea of what the building will finally look like! We also believe that sometime in the next week or so the metal siding will begin to be applied to the upper level.

Also completed is the acoustical ceiling for the youth section, and the framing of the walls is now almost finished. The acoustical ceiling creates a sound barrier to make less noise travel from those rooms to the adult classrooms above. Creating a sound separation was a high priority for the building committee in the design of this space.

Coming up in the next couple of weeks will be the beginning of the renovation of the coffee area and current offices. The staff have already mostly moved into temporary summer quarters, both in the building as well as some home office situations, and we are now putting the finishing touches on moving the workroom supplies and equipment. This will have an impact on how you get from the kids ministry space (and the adult and youth classrooms) to the sanctuary – there will not be any interior passage between those two spaces. We will create some maps and detailed information in the next week to help you – watch this space and our website for more info.