Quick update on recent meetings

Last week, as we mentioned, both the FAST and the building committee had meetings.

FAST finalized the recommendations related to finances and sent the report to the deacons. The next steps there will be for the board of deacons, at the next meeting, to discuss the recommendations and either affirm or amend them. After that the elders will get the combined views of FAST and the deacons and make a decision about the viability of the project as a whole from a financial standpoint.

The building committee met – our second meeting as a whole group, but a lot of work has been going on in subgroups in the past several weeks! We received preliminary reports from all of the sub groups (see this post for a refresher on what these working groups are). One of the things we talked about is that we must be sure to consider our needs and our ‘program’ carefully, but not get too attached to particular solutions until we get the big picture more in mind. If you were at either of the Town Hall meetings you know that there were a lot of ideas about renovations and re-purposing existing space talked about there. Since then even more ideas have been proposed. But all of these are, at present, just ideas. At some point we will need to nail these things down, but at the moment it is still too soon to get committed.

If you’re reading this blog, I hope you’re praying for these groups and the leaders of our church, too!