Rainy Days and Mondays

Last week there was no update, not because nothing was happening, but because it was hard to get into the site because of all of the rain we had! About seven inches over the course of the week left the ground very soft and muddy in many areas.

This week benefited from the sunny, breezy conditions, so the site work has been moving at a much better pace. The storm drainage is almost complete near the building itself now, and the subsurface for the fire lane (around the back of the sanctuary) is being prepared. A few weeks of hot, dry weather will make this part of the work be quick and easy.

Meanwhile, the renovation is going great guns. Most of the days this week we have had many workers busy finishing the sheetrock and working on all of the above-ceiling items so that we can get that part inspected.

Next week, toward the end of the week, the offices will be entirely inaccessible while the flooring is done in the coffee area. Please be sure to contact the person you hope to see to work out where they will be before you come! Many staff will be working off site on Thursday and Friday.