Ready to roll on our next steps

This past Sunday, June 5, the members present at our annual business meeting voted overwhemingly (90% in favor) to authorize the Board of Deacons to enter into a construction loan when the time comes – which we believe will be within the next 8 months or so. As part of the meeting on Sunday Dwight Thomas, the chair of the building committee, gave an update. A lot of his information has already been covered on this blog, but we thought it might be a good summary statement, and a jumping-off point for the next blog posts. Here are the bullet points of his update:

  1. Who we are? – all appointed jointly by the deacons and the elders –
  • Sonya Hove
  • Jean Sailer
  • T J Land
  • Eric McKiddie
  • Mike Hining
  • Emily Williams
  • Julie Spencer
  • Myself
  • Matt Stevens – admin help
  1. Two significant foundational guidelines – SNAT and FAST – both approved by the elders and the FAST also by the deacons – SNAT gave us the broad framework of needs we were to address and FAST gave us the affordability parameters of the project.
  1. What we’ve done?
  • Interviewed 4 architects and selected one – RND
  • Visited 6 churches in the triangle area
  • Developed overall program needs for the project
  • Met with Town of Chapel hill planning department
  • Interviewed 3 contractors and selected one – C T Wilson
  • Decided upon all major subcontractors
  • Held two church wide forums to review schematic design
  • Partnered with architect to conduct significant value engineering (cost reductions) – both program reductions and architectural changes
  • Launched studies of furnishings, AV, and acoustical requirements – on-going
  • Agreed on final schematic design
  • Conducted various site surveys and site borings
  • Agreed on site plan
  1. How we’ve done it?
  • Lots of prayer – at every meeting (even with others not members of church) – constant seeking of God’s guidance
  • Lots of meetings – full committee plus subgroups – at least 50 over the past year – most were two hours
  • Organized into working sub-groups as much as possible
  • Major decisions by the full committee
  • Committee kept in touch through Basecamp, a project management tool
  • Created a blog for church family to follow progress and to ask questions – Emily is the main writer
  • Communicated regularly with the elder and deacon leadership, as well as the full boards as we went
  • Lots of unity – achieved the rare dynamic of being very opinionated at times but being willing to come together in unity on all aspects – great team
  1. Timeline going forward?
  • Design and Construction Documents – now til January
  • Town planning review process – now til January or February
  • Construction Start – March 3, 2017
  • Construction Complete – February 16, 2018 (including punch list)
  • Furnishings, security, phone, and AV installed – March 16, 2018
  • GROUND BREAKING – January-February 2017 – 8 months
  1. Vision we want to give you in closing!
  • A bright and cheerful, secured and safe, children’s educational center
  • A large space for our growing college ministry, no more SRO
  • A diversity of adult education classes in rooms that are adequately sized and equipped for discipleship and other life-long learning
  • A youth center that is not wall-to-wall crowded, including a multi-purpose recreation room that is used effectively for evangelism and fellowship
  • Efficient office space that emphasizes a collaborative, open environment
  • An attractive, multi-purpose, mid-size chapel space that is used for large meetings, weddings, memorial services, large bible studies, and education space
  • An improved traffic flow that has eliminated our numerous Sunday morning pinch points
  • Multiple coffee stations and gathering spaces for our geographically dispersed church to be together.


Thank you on behalf of the team for giving us this privilege to serve you.