Reflections on the International Harvest Celebration

As we went around the room last Sunday evening, our Life Group shared brief updates on how things have been going for each of us. It is a sweet weekly gathering where we encourage one another in the Lord, enjoy each other’s fellowship, and grow together. Among the updates and stories was one in particular that stood out to me. 

Joo and Ashley Lee shared how they had invited a Japanese family to join them for the International Harvest Celebration the previous night. Ashley has been ministering to her friend for several months now, having developed a friendship through their young daughters. This relationship has led to conversations about the Lord and has led the woman to occasionally read her Bible. 

During the celebration on Saturday evening, the husband turns to Joo and asks him about the Bible. He sees his wife reading it and wants to know what it is is about. A good conversation about God’s Word and the one to whom it points followed. This is precisely our hope and prayer for this annual dinner. 

There are several stories that could be shared of our people intentionally investing in the lives of others, genuinely loving them through friendship, and seeking and creating opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. And many of these stories have the International Harvest Celebration as one of the settings through with this has happened.

Paul writes to the Corinthian church that one person plants while one waters, but only God himself can make it grow. Gospel seeds were sewn during the dinner as the good news of Jesus was shared. We pray that there would be tons of watering going on over the next few months as we follow up with our friends. And we pray that God himself, the Lord of the harvest, would cause it to grow. 

Thanks to our volunteers!

I want to thank all of our volunteers and church family who helped make this year’s feast a success. We had around 500 people participate as guests, hosts, planners, kitchen crew, set-up and break down, contributing food, etc. We had a diverse group including over 200 Chinese guests!