Renovation and Offices

Just a quick update on the research that is underway regarding office space.

As you recall, one of the possible renovations would be to convert some or all of the space currently occupied by offices to other kinds of space. Some ideas are adult classroom space, or fellowship space. A question that this raises is what order will we be undertaking these projects in? For example, we could do some renovations first, and then build the new building. If we do that with the office area, though, where will the staff do their work?

One possibility would be to rent office space for a couple of years, while we do the whole project, and then move the offices back onsite when everything is finished. To that end, some of the building committee are researching office space available within a short distance of the church. Today, in fact, a few of us looked at some possible spaces that we could lease.

So, that is one step that we are considering right now, as we look ahead to how we might go about this project.