Ribbon Cutting Speech by Dwight Thomas

Cutting the ribbon to our new expansion on December 16, 2018

Speech given by Building Committee Chair, Dwight Thomas, on Sunday, December 16, 2018.

On Friday, the building committee went on a walkthrough of our expanded space with the architect and the contractor — we were reminded once again of how this building has been designed to promote community : the youth rec room, the office break room, the chapel foyer, the large adult classrooms that allow mingling, the wide, glass-walled connector, and the chapel itself — we hope you will feel this openness and community aspect as you take your tour today.

As we prayed together at the end of the walkthrough, we were also reminded of God’s presence with us every step of the way over these last 3.5 years — from the formation of the committee, the selection of the architect and the contractor, the design itself, resolution of numerous major concerns along the way, and His providence of safety on the job. We know that all of these steps were overseen by a God who cares about and who loves this church.

Finally, let me thank the committee one more time: Eric McKiddie, Jean Siler, Sonya Hove, Julie Spencer, Mike Hining, Emily Williams and TJ Land – they had the perfect complement of gifts – Julie commented on Friday that it actually was fun, and in retrospect it really was. Thank you for entrusting this work to us. Special shout outs today to Emily and TJ who have been our owner’s rep team and that means they have been on site continuously during construction. Great commitment by the two of them to cost controls, quality, and schedule issues. We will never know the savings to the church of their work but it is easily many tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands and we have a better facility due to their work.  The committee itself wanted to especially recognize TJ Land. Thus, you will see a Sawtooth Oak tree off the patio outside given by the committee in honor of TJ’s outstanding  service to the church.

So, on behalf of the building committee, we hand over this building to all of you, for God to use for His glory, with Jay accepting as your representative.