Sharpening One Another In a Dark and Evil Age

We suddenly find ourselves in a day where it is no longer sufficient to live our believing lives Sunday-to-Sunday and saying grace at our meals.  These are times when followers of Christ must be more… we must be more connected to the Vine, hungering to walk with God and hearing and obeying Him well.  These are the days that call for us to be all in, to live and move and have our being in God. Why?  It is necessary!  

On the chance that you have not noticed, we live in very dark, evil times.  Now, God is sovereign and totally in control.  We, His children, through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit and through prayer and letting God’s light shine through us, are called to counter the darkness of the day.  It’s time for us to exercise the creation command for us to have dominion over the place where we live. 

So how do we motivate ourselves? 

How do we stay focused on our mission?  How do we love God enough and find the strength and energy to keep going?  It’s not easy!  I was encouraged through several sources on Friday in some things that we can do to help one another.  The first thing is something that we really struggle in doing well … living life in community and deeply so as to know one another, and speak into our lives together.   Now, before I go further, I must issue a WARNING: I’M ASKING YOU TO READ, LISTEN, AND FOLLOW UP on something.  It’s important so keep going.  It will take time!  I think it can be worth it.

The first thing is something to listen to.  Dwight and I frequently enjoy conversations on Trinity Forum.  We listened to an especially encouraging conversation on Friday afternoon.  Here’s the link.

It’s a discussion between two educators on the value of having people read a book in community.  I think that you will appreciate their comments.  

Secondly, after listening to this conversation, I saw that one of my former students had posted a blog, as she does from time to time.  I taught Alice in fifth grade at a classical school in Greensboro.  Alice is one of two daughters from a family that we were also in church with.  Both parents love literature and have taught at UNC-G.  Since I taught her, Alice studied English literature at Grove City College and has completed her Masters at Regent College.  During this year, after completing her work at Regent, Alice has been editing her book and working as a caregiver.  Her blog a couple weeks ago comes out of her work as a caregiver and really struck me as to the value of work.  Work is the vehicle for how we exercise our dominion in this world.  I wholeheartedly agree with Alice’s perspective.  You can read Alice’s blog here: alicewithpaper.com.  In her blog, Alice mentioned writings by Dorothy Sayers, and I went back to Alice to ask for specifics.  Her suggestion was a short essay, “Why Work?”.  

Thirdly, Alice provided the link between the discussion I had watched and how to put the suggestions into practice.  “Why Work?” is a short, 30-page essay.  I read about it on Amazon and ordered it.  I am proposing that all who are interested order it also, read it, and gather to discuss it.  At the most, I think that meaningful discussion could happen over 2-3 weeks.  

Why is this important? 

  • It gathers a group of people to talk about an important topic
  • It begins a habit of gathering together to encourage one another
  • As a result of gathering, talking, and encouraging, we can each be strengthened in the depth of our life in Christ.
  • As we thrive in our relationship with God through the power of the Holy Spirit, we shine more brightly in the darkness and God’s kingdom flourishes.

Dwight and I will be hosting a light supper and discussion of “Why Work?” on Friday, July 8 at 6:00 pm.  If you would like to participate with us, respond in the comment section, “I’m in at your house!”.  Another optional response is “I’m in at my house on _____________.  Please join me.”  The important thing is to follow through if at all possible, and commit by letting us all know that you’re in.

Will you give it a try?