Sheet Rock Around the Clock

Well, maybe not around the clock literally, but we definitely have had a lot of it installed on the lower level of the new building. Once the glass was in the windows we could get started on that, and they are going great guns down there. It is pretty amazing to think back over the progress from grass to dirt to concrete slab to steel structure to framing – and now finally actual walls.

The roof of the connector is nearly complete now, which is a very good thing. Soon the window frames will be installed there, and then glass, and then sheet rock there, too. Ducts are being installed and insulated; sprinkler system piping is being installed; electrical wiring and boxes are being finished up.

In the renovation section it looks like not much has been done – what is being worked on are all of the above-ceiling items – ducts, sprinklers, electrical. We are still counting on that space being open before our fall launch Sunday at the end of August. The new kids ministry room, the kids ministry check-in area, and the expanded coffee area, will be great!