Siding and Windows

This week the window glass has started to be installed, as well as the metal siding for the upper level. On the chapel, the wood blocking for the window openings have been installed as well as the edges of the roof. The black air barrier is being rolled on to the chapel sheathing. Ducts in the lower building are encased in insulation. The casual observer would not notice a ton of differences, but work is moving right along.

In the renovation, the HVAC ducting is being installed. For much of the day the staff who are still working in the building listen to the beeps and whirs of the lifts, as well as banging and the sounds of drills. Are we getting used to it? Will we ever get used to it? Hard to say!

The hot, rain-free weather has been great for making good progress, even though it can be very uncomfortable for those laboring in the sun. Please pray for health and safety on the worksite, and for all of the workers to do their work well and with diligence. We are thankful for all of the progress that is being made.