Something other than coffee was being poured early this morning on our expansion

This morning we finally were able to have the slab poured for the connector and the chapel floor and platform. In order to make this possible, several things needed to come together. Not least of these was the weather – today is a perfect day to pour concrete! But also, some inspections had to take place, and we had to get the earliest time slot on the concrete plant’s docket for the day.

Any of you who were very early risers would have seen lights on before 5 am, and the first truck arriving shortly after 5. The concrete was all poured by around 10:30. Still remaining at that point was the smoothing and polishing, which will finish up late this afternoon.

Please raise a prayer of thanksgiving for Zak Hamlett, in particular. He, as the construction supervisor, was here on site before 5am to make sure that everything was ready. His diligence is exemplary – we are very grateful to God for him.