Telling the Truth Beautifully

I know that you are with me from the dawning of eternity.  As I return home to you I sit at your side. I know that you love me.  You’ve adorned me with glory.  My bride now is ready, redeemed and made pure.

These words are spoken by the Son in The King is Coming (Psalm 24 MVMT. 2), from “The Shepherd Psalms”, presented on Saturday evening, April 16, as part of the Chapel Hill Bible Church celebration of Easter Holy Week.  

“The Shepherd Psalms” was written by Cale and Shaylee Cohee and Geoff and Chelsea Grant and performed by the Cohees and Grants along with Andrew Chi, Nathaniel Mullins, Roger Brooks, Melissa Cada with assistance from Colin Rowley and David Walters.  Individual songs from “The Shepherd Psalms” have been released over the past few weeks.  The full album releases today (July 8) and is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other music streaming services.  You can search for “Geoff & Chealsea Grant’ and “Cohee” in your music streaming platform to follow and subscribe for upcoming releases.  

So how did this music come to be?

Recently I had an opportunity to visit with Cale and Shaylee and get to know them a bit better.  They both grew up in Florida.  Music has been a part of each of their lives since they were very young.  Cale began piano lessons when he was about 7-8 years old and began drum lessons about three years later.  Shaylee enjoyed and trained in singing and sang in choirs.  

Cale and Shaylee Cohee
Cale & Shaylee Cohee

When she and Cale were both in middle school, they both led in the worship ministry at the same church.  After college and marriage, they relocated to North Carolina, and specifically our area, because employment led them here.  They worshipped at another church, but there was not a place for them to be involved in the worship ministry that had been a part of their lives. They heard about the Bible Church, visited, and found a home with us.  

Loving music as they did, Shaylee and Cale desired to be growing in their worship through music.  They talked of writing music together but weren’t quite sure how to get started. Through conversation with Geoff and Chelsea, who had some experience in writing and making music available online, Shaylee and Cale decided to go for it!  They came up with the idea of “The Shepherd Psalms” based on Psalms 22-24 and shared their thoughts with Geoff and Chelsea.  It was about a year in coming to fruition, ready to be presented during Easter celebrations.

Besides the encouragement and mentoring by Geoff and Chelsea, a book by Andrew Peterson, Adorning the Dark – Thoughts on Community, Calling, and the Mystery of Making, really sparked their desire to stretch their love of music and worship.  Peterson, in his preface to this book, talked about his own stumbling pursuit of a calling on his life.  As he understands that calling, he desired to use whatever gifts he has been given to tell the truth as beautifully as he can.  Secondly, another part of his calling – to make known the heart of God.  Peterson concludes his preface, “And because he holds a special place in his heart for me and me alone (just as he holds a special place for you), my story stands a chance to be edifying to my sisters and brothers, just as your story, your insight your revelation of God’s heart, is something the rest of us need.

We are blessed to be edified as the Trinity works in and through the hearts and lives of Cale and Shaylee, along with the full worship team, to grow in our understanding of God’s heart of love for us all.