That Crashing Sound …

… is the sound of the demolition of the offices. Yes, it has begun. Last Friday and yesterday the electricians worked on circuits and wiring, and today the saws and sledgehammers started.

Most of the ministry staff have relocated for the summer due to offices being demolished. But the support staff is still working in the building. If you call, you might hear the booms and whines of the work in the background.

Also, if you come during the week to meet with a support staff member, this week you can enter via the office doors as usual. But starting soon – maybe as soon as next week – those doors will be closed for the duration of the project. At that point you will need to ring the doorbell by the lobby doors and someone will let you in. If you want to meet with a ministry staff member, please shoot them an email or call them before you come – many of them are working offsite since their offices are gone.

Meanwhile, work continues on the chapel and connector framing. We also expect that the sheathing (the yellow boards) will begin to be put up this week, weather permitting. Other work includes continuing HVAC piping installation and plumbing and electrical work in the lower building. It has been good that we have not gotten much rain, as outdoor work has been able to continue for the most part.

Finally, don’t forget the chance to step out into the connector and chapel areas this Sunday before the annual meeting, starting at 3:15 pm! As we said last week, small groups will be escorted into the space for a brief chance to see what’s what and get a feel for the great ministry opportunities that will be made possible this fall when we open the new building! Come early for the best chance to be included in the tours.