The Colors and Coordination of Construction

There is something really beautiful about engineering. The smooth, coordinated movements of huge machines is fascinating and impressive. In the past week, we have had the chance to watch big machines at work: swiveling, crawling, pushing, digging, smoothing, scooping … mesmerizing to watch.

It happens that our site contractor has a variety of types of machines here, and one of the fun things is appreciating the different colors. Yesterday afternoon, for example, we had an orange excavator scooping deep reddish-brown earth piled up by a yellow bulldozer into a red dumptruck.

The early part of this week will be devoted to the installation of a sediment basin. This must be in place before the new stormwater connection from this part of our property to the stormwater pond is created. After this connection is done (across the back driveway near the maintenance building), the building site itself will begin to be formed.