The Construction Equivalent of Tetris

For once, when we talk about “rock” we are not talking about anything bad – this time we are talking about the rock being installed on the wall behind the platform of the chapel! This is painstaking work, as the masons are using pieces of stone which are not entirely uniform in size, shape, or thickness, to “build” a stone facade. Every piece is selected based on the pattern that is their design goal, but the pieces sometimes have to be broken off a bit over here or smoothed off on this edge to make them fit just how they should. Regardless of the process or the steps, it is clear that the result will be beautiful!

In other progress this week, more sidewalks have been completed, and most of the preparation for the repair of the back driveway has been completed. The big conduit for the main power coming into the building is being installed, and then the concrete pad for the transformer will be poured.

On the interior, a lot of electrical wires and security system and fire safety system wires have been pulled. Ceiling grid continues to be installed, and the light fixtures and other things that go in the ceiling are beginning to be put into place. Bit by bit, things are looking more and more like they will when we move in.

Of course you wonder when that will be! Well, we don’t know exactly yet, but it is looking more and more as if it will be … well, sometime in November… hopefully. Please pray that everything goes smoothly, that we don’t have any surprises, and that all of the scheduled work is done efficiently and with excellence!