The Details Matter

This week, to the casual observer, not much new has happened – yet there have been dozens of workers on the site every day. At this point in the project, especially in the adult classroom area and the youth area, it is all details that are part of the infrastructure.

For example, more light fixtures have been dropped into the ceiling grid. More emergency exit signs, more sprinkler heads have been installed, more cabinet door handles … you get the picture. The office workroom cabinets and countertops have been finished off, aligning doors, attaching door fronts, sealing the joints in the countertop. Just more details. The water pipes that are part of the HVAC system, that carry the hot and cold water to and from the boilers and chillers, have been cleaned out and given their final welds to seal them.

A few of the details are visible, though – for example, one of the two handrails on the stairway was installed. Some of the areas that were seeded with grass are starting to show green.

A major delivery this week was the six large crates of wood slats for the ceiling in the chapel. They sit there unopened – tantalizing – but so they will sit until we have power to the building.

Power to the building – this is the current critical path item. At this point, all of the major items on the timeline depend on that. Please pray that this happens early this coming week. We are ready for them – we are just waiting for our turn.