The Trench Run

Late last week “rock” was discovered where the trench for the stormwater pipe was being dug. This was not really a surprise, since when we constructed the current building we encountered quite a bit of rock on site (including some that needed to be blasted). One thing that happened when this was discovered was that we needed to get it quantified by the third party that we and the site contractor agreed on. This allows us to fairly compensate for the extra cost of removing rock (as opposed to soil, sand, etc.). But, progress has been made in digging that all-important trench.

The pond is pretty much empty now. When the pond was at its normal full level, we were occasionally visited by a great blue heron who caught fish and other pond life. Even with the pond mostly empty the heron has been back – the remaining fish are much easier to catch, it seems, with the water now so shallow!

There was no significant work Tuesday due to the rain. We expect that we will be back underway Wednesday.