These Stairs Are Up to Something

Though not a critical path item in terms of the overall construction calendar, it was exciting this week to have had the stairway delivered and installed! The entryway to the new building is looking more complete with that in place. It is not usable by even the construction workers yet because the treads are just, basically, metal pans – they need to be filled with concrete before it will be safe to use. We expect that pretty soon.

Other work going on in the new building area includes a lot of electrical rough-in, HVAC piping (including the new air handlers for the new space delivered and installed late last week), and more work on the air barrier (the black coating over the yellow sheathing). Framing of the interior and exterior walls has progressed as has the roofing work.

This Sunday you will be able to see evidence of the HVAC connection work – the ceilings in the hallway between the kitchen and the sanctuary, as well as a portion of the lobby near the Library, and a stretch in between, have been removed. There will be no access to some of these corridor areas during the week for the next five or six weeks, but we expect to have access on weekends.

We believe that next week the steel for the chapel and connector will begin to be erected. Of course, I think we have mentioned this before as a “coming soon” item, but eventually that has to be true, right? Watch the web cam to see if it really happens this coming week or not!