Things Are Looking Up!

The biggest visible change this week has to do with the ceilings, notably the upper level ceilings in classrooms and corridors. With the ceilings almost completely in, the perspective on the size of those rooms snaps into place. They are going to be lovely – really wonderful spaces for classes and meetings.

The chapel also has had a lot of work going on in it – again, focusing on the overhead features. The hard ceiling over the platform has been installed, and the soffits along the sides have been enclosed in drywall. The little lobby area outside the chapel, also, has drywall being hung.

In the connector immediately outside the kitchen the uni-strut pieces have been hung and the ceiling grid is being put in place there. Soon – within a couple of weeks – that area will be finished.

Outside, the final grading of the pond has been done this week, and the final manhole installed as part of the stormwater system there. A few finishing touches there, the landscaping elements installed, and that will be done.

This may seem like a tiresome repeated message, but we still cannot project our completion date for the building itself because we do not yet have power to the building. It was scheduled for Friday of this week, so it still could happen, weather permitting (this post is being written on Thursday). We will let you know!