Timetable shift

If you were in church this past Sunday you heard that we are delaying our groundbreaking for a couple of months. We learned recently that our project will need to be approved by the Community Design Commission. The process will be that our project will be reviewed at their meeting on February 28, and then (likely – hopefully?) approved at their meeting on March 28. After that we will be able to get a site work permit and then a building permit.

In view of that extra two months, we have decided to postpone the groundbreaking from the formerly scheduled date of February 19. Instead, we hope to hold a groundbreaking on Sunday afternoon April 23. This will be before students leave for the summer, and before the site work will likely be started. So, please pencil that date in and watch for confirmation as we get closer to the time.

The delay in the start will not necessarily mean the same delay in the finish. Starting the project in April may mean fewer bad-weather days which themselves cause delays. We still imagine that we will be opening the new building during the late spring or early summer of 2018.

We are taking advantage of this enforced slow-down to spend more time on the specifics of the construction drawings. Taking care of some details now will make the bid process more specific and probably reduce costs down the line from discoveries once we are underway.

The furniture and finishes subcommittee is also doing some work planning their schedule for decisions about various things in their list. At our last meeting in January we approved carpet and other flooring for most of the building addition, and approved a chair (though not yet a material or color) for the chapel. Things are moving along!