Tools for the job

Can you remember how your work happened before you had email? It’s hard to remember! Now, certainly some of us wish there were less email, but by and large most folks would agree that email and the internet has made many things more efficient.

This is no different for the work of a group like the building committee. The modern age, with email and web-based project management tools out there, makes the process of working on the program for the building relatively easy. We are using a tool called Basecamp to store files and discuss topics between meetings. Everyone simply logs on, views the comments and files posted by others, looks at photos from recent church visits, and types in their comments (which can include uploading photos or diagrams).

We find that we can address some things just as well in the e-discussion as we would be able to in a discussion face-to-face in a meeting. This makes our meetings more efficient, we have found, because some things can be covered in Basecamp without taking as much precious meeting time. And that is a very good thing since we have a goal to finish the program by mid-October!

Speaking of meetings, we have a marathon this Thursday – from 4-8pm. We hope to have made a final draft of the program by the end of that time and be ready to fine-tune over the next two weeks. Please pray for us!