Update from Annual Meeting – Part 1

At this past Sunday’s annual meeting (June 4), the chairman of the Building Committee, Dwight Thomas, gave an update on the building process. This and the next few posts to this blog will cover what he shared in that report.

First, and most important, he shared four things that you can do. We are going to lead off with that as a context for the rest of the posts from the meeting.

First, please pray that the subcontractor bids (due to the building committee on June 29) will come in at or below our expected amounts.

Second, if you have made a commitment to the finances of the project, please complete it – and consider extending it, too!

Third, anticipate the groundbreaking. Now, we know that you probably have anticipated the groundbreaking at least twice, right? We had announced that it would take place February 19, and then some of you saw announcements about a groundbreaking on April 23. Well, we are not going to announce a date yet – we may wait, in fact, until the site work is just about to start before we do. But you can watch for the date and be ready to come and pray, worship, and cheer us on!

Fourth, watch this blog for more updates. Yes, really this time.

You may wonder why the blog has been so silent over the past couple of months, and that is a worthwhile question for us to answer now. Our silence has been because we encountered some delays in the process, delays that we were not sure how long it would take us to get past. At some points things were happening very fast, so it was hard to know what to report. And at other points we were waiting in an indefinite timeframe for a next step to happen, so it was hard to know what to report in that case, too.

We believe, however, that we are about to be beyond the current set of delays and ready to move forward in the foreseeable future (that is, possibly with site work beginning before the end of the summer), so we think that we do actually have things to report that will make sense to you, the reader.

So, really and truly, there will be some updates in the near future, covering such topics as what caused the delays, what has been done to address those things, and what are the next steps.