Update from Annual Meeting – Part 2

Dwight presented several points about what caused our delay in getting started on the construction phase of the project.

First, we had two costly additions to our project (Town of Chapel Hill requirements) that we had not planned on from the beginning. A new fire code requires paved access to all portions of buildings for fire trucks. Therefore, we had to have our civil engineers design something to meet that need without having a major impact on the future use of our site, nor disturbing some of the natural beauty on our site. Another thing you’ll notice when we get underway is that our stormwater pond will be drained and redesigned to meet current stormwater codes.

Second, we had to change banks for our financing. (This was also reported on in some detail in the budget summary document that you can find on the church’s webpage.) From the building committee perspective, working this out was a concurrent process that could have caused us to slow down our pace. In fact, in the end, it might have cost us a week or two since we were keeping an eye out for how the financing piece would resolve – but we did not entirely halt what we were working on with our architects and engineers.

Third, and the most significant in terms of delay, was that the first round of subcontractor bids came in higher than we had expected – enough higher, and in some puzzling ways, that we decided we needed to revisit some of our decisions about design to address them. The next post will cover some of these items – watch this space!

Meanwhile, please pray for our process and the success of our project. Within the next week or two we expect revised construction drawings to be out for fresh bids by some of the subcontractors – please pray for these new bids to be within our expected cost range!