Update from Annual Meeting – part 5 of 5

As promised, we wanted to say more about the renovation in the current office area. What are we renovating, and what impact will reducing the renovation have on the functionality of the space?

One of the primary goals of the project has been to create a children’s ministry wing that would have limited access from the general congregation. Having only approved, screened children’s ministry people and parents in the space where our children are has been a desire and a need from the beginning. We also wanted to create another large assembly space for children’s ministry.

The renovation of the office space is now being planned to leave about half of the offices in place, but still opening up a “lobby” for children’s check-in and an expanded coffee/fellowship space. Offices nearest the children’s space will be demolished to make a larger assembly room; offices on the east side of the corridor will be demolished to make a larger coffee area; one or two of the offices on the west side of the corridor will be demolished to enlarge the check-in area for children’s ministry.

This means that some of the offices will remain – most of those along the west side of the corridor. We have several thoughts about this. First, it will actually make the transition period easier to manage, when renovations are being done but the new building is not complete yet. Second, those offices will be useful for small meetings or Sunday morning classes, new member interviews, and other things along those lines, both during the week and on Sundays.

Reducing the renovation also fits with one of our decision principles – we can easily do more renovations at a future date.

We are now in the waiting period between new construction drawings being put out for bids, and the bids being received. The Building Committee is expecting to hear the results of this at our next meeting in the last week of June. Please pray that we will get the bids and the costs that we expect! And keep on the lookout for news of a construction start date!